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Addiction Treatment for Fontana CA

Find Treatment for Your Addiction

A Better Today helps people struggling with addiction break free, giving them the chance to turn their life around. Addiction takes a toll on the lives of addicts and the friends and loved ones around them. A Better Today (ABT) is here to help people who have had enough and are ready to create a treatment plan and achieve their goals of sobriety. ABT recommends beginning your path to recovery with detox and then continuing it with rehab, and aftercare. A Better Today offers medically managed detox, rehab and aftercare. If you’d like to find a detox center near you in Fontana, give us a call and we’ll help you find the care you need. (909) 237-8032

The Danger of Addiction

Addiction presents many dangers, not just to the addict, but to those around him or her. Addiction causes physical and psychological damage, as well as damage to addict’s personal relationships, family relationships, and professional productivity and relationships. Of course, the damage depends on the substance abused, but the quantity isn’t always a factor. Destructive damage can result from substances taken in small doses. Physical damage can be anywhere from mild withdrawals to seizures, long term physical disabilities and even death. Psychological damage can occur from the repeated use of substances and how it re-wires the brain to prioritize using the substance over other necessities in life.

The Goal of Addiction Treatment

The expert professionals at ABT lead clients through the detox and rehab process, enabling them to permanently quit their substance abuse. In rehab, addicts will learn to know about their addictions and how those substances effect physical, financial, psychological and legal aspects of their lives. At ABT, we custom-create therapy and recovery methods that help clients overcome their particular addiction as well as steer them away from environments and situations that can trigger their relapse or tempt them to use again.

Customized Addiction Treatments

At ABT, we know that individualized therapy programs are the best path to recovery success. Because each person is different and their addictions are different, their treatment plan will be different. Our addiction treatment specialists analyze the client’s addiction or addictions, as well as any psychological problems, and the circumstances surrounding the client’s personal life and environment to create the most effective treatment plan. Successful, evidence-based treatments include cognitive-behavioral therapy, individual and family therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy. Additional treatment methods utilize motivational incentives created to foster change in a client’s attitude, environment and social circles to support abstinence from toxic substances.

Get Help with Your Addiction and Call Today!

Don’t wait to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction. The first step can be the toughest as self-doubt, apathy and shame and keep people suffering the disease of addiction from picking up the phone. That’s where we come in. Give us a call. We’ll help you find the detox and rehab care you need in your area. Our addiction specialists can be reached 24/7 to address any of your questions about addiction, detox, alcohol, drugs and rehab. Take the first step to end your addiction, and call now! (909) 237-8032