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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Fontana CA

Drug & Alcohol Treatment for Fontana

Do you know someone struggling with substance abuse addiction? If you or someone you know feels stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction and are looking for a way out, A Better Today is here to help! At ABT, we recognize addiction as a disease. The first step toward getting help is acknowledging you have an addiction. ABT provides medically monitored treatment including detox, rehab and aftercare facilities. We can also recommend treatment facilities near you in Fontana. Our treatment centers include inpatient and outpatient facilities as well as sober living residential facilities that are luxurious and comfortable. At A Better Today, we custom-tailor our treatment plans for every client. Our personalized treatment will give you the best possible chance for success in conquering your drug and alcohol addiction once and for all!

Our Mission

The mission of A Better Today is to not only save your life from devastating drug and alcohol addiction, but it is also to help you recover, heal and rebuild your life so you can be happy and healthy once again. When a client first arrives at any of our detox facilities, we immediately care for them in a way that is medically managed. Detoxification will purge the harmful toxins in your body, preparing you for the next phase of therapy. In the detox process, our experts also analyze your substance abuse addiction, and create a treatment plan custom-tailored for you. We also help you with your withdrawal symptoms in detox, reducing them with therapy and medicinally when necessary. Upon completion of detox, you will begin rehabilitation therapy or rehab. A Better Today utilizes proven methods of recovery and therapy including group, individual and family therapy. All our therapists have an education level of Masters degree or higher, and are specifically trained in treating addiction. ABT also employs life coaches who can provide you with the tools and coping mechanisms to help you out in the real world. Our after programs include inpatient facilities and an intensive, 3-night-a-week outpatient program.

Successful addicts who have gone through the program have found that one of the most successful methods is being mentored by a recovered addict who went through the program. Proving the axiom that when you’re in a maze, the best way out is with someone who knows how to get out.

Take the First Step!

The first step can be the most difficult in overcoming the cycle of addiction. Have faith and take courage, with ABT, you can empower yourself to break the chains of addiction forever and get your life back.
If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse addiction, call one of our specialists today. We also have trained specialists who can guide you in creating an intervention if you would like to create one for a friend or loved one suffering addiction. Our intervention methods are based on support, care, compassion and love. Take the first step, give us a call and start your healing today! (909) 237-8032