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Detox & Withdrawal Fontana

Detox Fontana

A Better Today helps clients toward the first step of recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, by enrolling them in a detoxification (or detox) treatment center that is medically managed, and customized for each individual. Detox purges collected toxins in drugs and alcohol from the system of the addict. It shouldn’t be confused with drug or alcohol rehab. Detox prepares the client for rehab. Detox alone isn’t considered a treatment. Detox treatments vary depending on substances abused, the quantity of use and other mental and physical health factors of the client. If you are looking for a detox center nearby in Fontana, call our addiction specialists who can refer you to the best detox facility for you. Call (909) 237-8032 now!

What to Expect in Detox

Clients can expect to go through three basic stages in detox. First, each client is evaluated to determine which substance or substances are being abused. Many clients are addicted to more than one, and treatment strategies can vary substantially, depending on which substances are abused, and in what quantities. The next stage is to detoxify the client’s body, eliminating dangerous toxins and substances. Once the body and mind are cleansed of toxic substances, the third stage begins, which is to create a treatment plan for the client to continue and complete their rehabilitation. A Better Today strongly recommends that clients in detox continue into rehab. Statistically, it has proven to be the most successful course for a complete recovery.

A Word on Withdrawal

Withdrawal is the byproduct of detox. Anytime an addict stops taking a substance, the body and mind are so conditioned to the benefits of that substance, that it creates urges and desires to replenish the substances. These side effects can range from mild to extremely painful and in rare cases can even result in seizure and death. At ABT, we help you through your withdrawal. Our medical professionals monitor you 24/7, and we also prescribe medications to help you cope with severe withdrawals.

Why Get Treatment?

Treatment is important because drug and alcohol abuse can vary greatly from person to person. Without a clear understanding of your own affliction, clients who don’t receive rehab can easily relapse. Some addicts afflicted by substance abuse can have their situation complicated by co-occurring disorders like mental illness. Environment can also be a powerful factor in the recovery process. In a new setting, removed from the conditions, people and elements that the addict associates with their substance abuse, the temptation is lessened and it’s easier to avoid a relapse.
Because relapse is more common when clients enroll in detox alone, A Better Today urges clients to enroll right into a 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day rehab program. Here, clients receive therapy in group and individual counseling, they have access to 12-step communities, engaging activities and healthy diversions, and wonderful residential sober living facilities. These communities offer the same 24-hour medically monitored care as ABT detox and rehab.

Take the First Step Today!

At A Better Today, we believe in providing clients with the best tools to combat addiction, starting with detox, then rehab and aftercare, to put them on the best possible path to success so they can stay clean and sober for the rest of their lives. The first step can be the toughest for many addicts though. Take heart. ABT is here to help. We also employ recovered addicts who successfully went through the program to help you along the way. Take the first step to your recover today and give our trained professionals a call at (909) 237-8032!