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Intervention in Fontana CA

Creating an Intervention

If you have a friend or loved one in Fontana suffering a substance abuse addiction and don’t know how to find help for them, call A Better Today (ABT). At ABT, our trained specialists will walk you through creating an intervention for your suffering family member or friend. Our intervention program is based on care, compassion and love. Intervention is a powerful tool that you can use to help people you know and love to get help with their disease of addiction.

What Is an Intervention??

Intervention is group-based counseling where friends and family members gather to convince a substance abuser to find help for their addiction. Typically, interventions are led by a trained, professional interventionist, but a friend or family member can assume the leadership role of interventionist.

An intervention is usually held when a friend or family member has run out of options in helping an addict because they are in denial of their substance abuse, or they are unwilling to get help and change. An intervention is also effective at showing an addict their behavior and its damaging effects, to create an awareness that will compel them to take their addiction seriously and get help. Intervention is also impactful to the substance abuser on an emotional level as they see all their loved ones and friends gathered out of concern for their well-being. In many cases, an intervention was the first step for addicts who were able to complete a successful recovery.

Intervention or Treatment?

The main difference between intervention and treatment is that intervention isn’t a treatment in itself. Treatment is an actual therapy that on receives to overcome a substance abuse addiction. Generally, treatment starts with detox, and is followed up with rehab, then aftercare. At ABT, our treatment and therapy is managed by professionals from the medical field. Clients have the option to choose the care for them, whether it’s inpatient care or at an outpatient center. When clients enter the rehab phase of ABT, they will learn about the substances they are addicted to and how these substances affect them, as well as how the disease of addiction is involved with the substances.

Intervention Time?

If you have a friend or loved one struggling with addiction, and you’d like to host an intervention, but don’t know when or where to start, ABT is here to help. It’s always best to create an intervention sooner rather than later. If you wait too long, it may be too late before the addict does serious damage to his or herself, or those around them. The damage can be devastating and in some cases lethal.

Our intervention specialists will guide you through the process of creating an intervention. If you’re concerned about a possible backlash from the addict, or are afraid to confront them, our specialists will instruct you on how to handle this. Our methods of intervention are based on love, care and support.

You can create an intervention now in Fontana! If you’d like help getting it underway, give us a call and our specialists will give you all the help and guidance you need! (909) 237-8032